PWA Mobile App Development

Progressive web apps (PWA) are the future of mobile apps. They enable you to reach any user, on any device, with only a single codebase and all without having to distribute via any of the usual app stores. With PWA’s, you are free to distribute the app via your own website.

PWA’s are solely built using web technology, so any device that supports a modern web browser will be able to access & use your PWA.

Due to the freedom of self-distribution, you’ll also have full control over how the app performs, looks & functions.

Key benefits

  • Modern - PWA's are the future of all mobile apps

  • Fast - both in terms of development turnaround as well as end-user performance

  • Control - you're in complete control of the app, without any of the usual distribution woes

  • Responsive - utilising web development technologies means your app will respond to all screen sizes

  • Easy distribution - you choose how to distribute your app, whether it be via website / email / qr code etc.

  • Updates - end-users don't need to worry about updating the app, it happens completely automatically