What we do

GB Logical is a dynamic technology company that specialises in building completely bespoke, innovative software solutions. We have extensive experience across a large array of software technologies and are constantly building on our knowledge-portfolio to enable us to offer the optimum solution. Our team have worked across a range of different industries – which really enables us to think outside the box when offering cutting edge solutions to our clients. Our focus is always on outstanding service and understanding our clients’ business needs, specifically what they need to offer their end-customers to maximise business potential.

Our mission statement:

To design, deliver and support innovative software solutions; enabling our clients to realise their ideas and business vision.

Who we are

Formed in 2013, our company was originally known as ‘Logical Software’. We set the company up to develop innovative bespoke software for business management and mobile application solutions, along with web portal design, for a range of customers across the UK.

As our portfolio grew, and after working on several successful collaborative projects with the GBE Group, a company with 30+ years’ experience in embedded product design and manufacturing, we decided to unite the two into a new company. In March 2021, GB Logical (UK) Limited was formed. This exciting new business leverages our skills with a shared business vision and focus on innovation and customer service.

We can now offer a wealth of skills and expertise, from embedded product design at GB Electronics to surface mount and through-hole PCB assembly capabilities at Wildtrax. Now, combined with our 9+ years of specialist knowledge in bespoke software development enables us to offer complete start-to-end solutions across an extensive array of market sectors.

What makes us different

Here at GB Logical, we pride ourselves at being a software development company that delivers. We take the time to learn about your business and its unique requirements, this is essential to ensure that the delivered solution performs exactly as intended and enhances your company.

We are a small team and whenever you talk to us, you're directly communicating with the key developers working on your project. This is critical to the success of a bespoke software solution. It enables the software to be optimised and any potential issues to be resolved at an early stage of the development lifecycle.

We specialise in using modern and cutting-edge development tools, so you can always be sure that your solution is as futureproof as possible. We love pushing boundaries of what is possible with software: unique challenges are always welcome here!

Since we build everything in-house and being a team of real developers, we can offer the absolute best support available. No matter how small or large your project is, we always have the time to answer your questions and offer guidance and smart technological solutions.

Being part of the larger GBE group also means we can utilise resources across a very experienced range of engineers including software, integrated hardware, firmware, compliance, mechanical, and production expertise. If your solution requires a bespoke product, we can also manufacture it.

We look forwards to hearing from you & learning more about your project!