Our Work

Online Cleaning
Business Management System

Online Cleaning approached us seeking a complete digital revamp for the operation of their business. This business management system takes their entire workflow and moves it online, allowing office staff to schedule work and manage timesheets remotely while staff on the ground submit their work reports and track their entire job schedule via the Hybrid Mobile App.

Not only does this business management system save Online Cleaning an enormous amount of time, it has also proven to be a life saver in the times of the Covid pandemic, allowing for easy exchange of forms, job schedules and much more without having to ever physically come into contact with eachother.

Vidiia VH6
Covid-19 Test Device

In response to the Coronavirus Pandemic, GBL & GBE played a key role in developing the VH-6 Covid-19 testing device. This was based on technology initially developed by three UK universities – Brunel, Surrey, and Lancaster.

The work included developing the device’s Python code to carry out the on-board Covid-19 testing procedure, optimised to run an embedded diagnostic AI algorithm. Plus, the communication protocol to enable a user to run the entire test by a mobile software Application, then log the encrypted results on a remote server.

For more details see - Vidiia and Rapid COVID-19 Test Kit | GB Electronics (UK) Ltd

Van Walt Water Sensor
Embedded IoT Device

Working in the exciting and rapidly growing environmental monitoring industry, GBL and GBE, in conjunction with their industry leading client, Van Walt Ltd, have developed a range of environmental monitoring dataloggers and smart sensors.

The latest design being a smart water sensor. GBL’s expertise was to collect, process and present real-time temperature and water-level environmental data. Achieved by designing a JAVA App to gather data from the sensor’s GSM modem, pushing it to a managed server and making it available to Van Walt’s end customers via a bespoke web portal.

For more details see - Van Walt Ltd | World-class equipment for environmental professionals

TSxpress Advance
PC Application

Designed in conjunction with GBE’s development of AddSecure’s Transcan Advance® cold chain fleet management solution. This system provides real-time temperature monitoring and alerts of temperature-sensitive goods in transits, such as food and pharmaceuticals.

The easy-to-use PC Application enables customers to analyse temperature data, prepare audit logs for traceability and configure logging and data parameters. The App takes data from the in-vehicle logging system and presents it in a graphical or tabular format enabling the user to interrogate, analyse and prepare detailed journey reports essential for compliance with strict industry legislations.

For more details see - Cold Chain FMS - AddSecure