Embedded Application Development

With Linux based single board computers (SBC) continuing to grow in popularity, they are being included in more embedded designs than ever before. We specialise in writing full embedded applications in C, C++, Python & Java. We can also assist with building a custom Linux OS to run on the SBC.

As well as Linux SBC’s, embedded designs can also be built around standard microprocessors. Although slightly more limited in what they can achieve, these are still perfectly viable, and we can build full, modern firmware solutions that meet all your requirements.

We understand that embedded designs can vary wildly, so please do get in touch to discuss your project.

Key benefits

  • Linux - we work with all kinds of embedded Linux systems

  • Windows - we can also work with all versions of embedded Windows

  • Microprocessors - alongside the GBE group, we have a wide skillset of MCU developments

  • Low-level - we can utilise maximum performance by using low-level programming languages

  • Reliability - our projects go through extensive testing to ensure complete reliability in the field

  • Modern - utilising the most cutting edge tools to develop our embedded solutions